Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Trailer Urban Histories by Studio aki, as part of The London Festival of Architecture

Urban Histories Trailer from discussions on film on Vimeo.

Urban Histories is a collaboration between Studio Aki and Appro-pri8 Theatre.  It was inspired by a renovation house which Studio Aki are currently undertaking in Stoke Newington. The first incarnation of the project will take place at RARA Studios.

In the process of renovating a house,  as walls are stripped back, old coverings removed, holes knocked through stud and brick walls, a house’s past is hinted at in the layers uncovered; a fragment of 1970’s wallpaper, a victorian tile. These are clues give rise to the question, what lives have existed within these walls? Urban Histories seeks to explore these musings through series of vignettes.

Visitors will be invited into the House to meet past occupants and witness fragments of their lives unfolding before them.

Urban Histories will be a work in progress in June and will take the form of an installation that explores the hidden histories uncovered in the refurbishment process and rehearsed readings of the script in development.

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Friday, 28 June 2013

This Saturday At RARA

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Discussions On Film 2013 - Experiments in motion, Fold Away Cinema...

Fold away cinema - concept image © discussions on film

Friday, 24 February 2012

Stones from Cine MA on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Postcard From Havana

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More Metropolitan Journeys

The of Havana streets, lined with spanish colonial architecture, filled with the sounds of the contemporay Cuba, imortalised on celluloid in recent times by Wim Wenders, are still largely unchanged since he filmed there and sought out members of the Bueno Vista Social Club.

Whilst there we stayed near the the Malecon, featured as part of the motorcycle tour Wenders films in Beuno Vista and used to form that famous montage of the streets. In this little journey we were interested to see what has changed - Unesco are at work, it seems constantly along this seafront but behind, along Industria, it could still be 1998...
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Transforming Cities - Architecture and Political Context

Havana is a city like no other in the extent to which it bares it's political past on its surface, and deep into its interior spaces. The elegant yet spectaculalry faded and unrepaired facades of the old town, tell of the decades of economic starvation, post revolution.

The architecture alludes to a past era of granduar, which was overturned by revolution. Today museums occupy past palaces, new familes have appropirated the houses once occupied by the ellite, so though largely un - edited in form, life within these old buildings is vastly different to pre-1959. As the Castros cautiously invite aspects of capitalism into Cuba and funding is received by international organisations such as Unesco, one wonders how this place will evolve...
Taking its cue from the fact that revolutions are currenlty erupting throughout North Africa and more recent European history such as the fall of Berlin wall -Transofrming cities will focus on the effect of political context on the Architectural landscape . If you've made or are making a film you feel fits this brief, and would like to show it, please send it to us by August 31st for screening later this year